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Casual for a Cause Form

The Porter-Starke Services Foundation is committed to supporting our communities. One of the ways to provide that support is through Casual for a Cause, an employee-based program of Porter-Starke Services. Employees who choose to participate in Casual for a Cause pay a small fee to dress casually on Fridays. Funds are then applied to the Casual for a Cause program. Non-profit organizations promoting mental health and wellness and serving Northwest Indiana are then eligible to apply to receive these funds.

Casual for a Cause funding is available to the following programs/organizations:
  • Non-profit organizations or a program of a non-profit organization.
  • Organizations that promote mental wellness/health and/or a program that supports mental wellness/health (e.g. food pantries, transporation services, shelters, schools, PTOs, etc.)
  • Locally-based, and directly serving residents of the Lake (Gary, IN) Porter and Starke counties.
Casual for a Cause funding does not support:
  • Individuals.
  • Programs of religious or sectarian nature.
  • Political organizations or candidates.


If you are interested in applying for Casual for a Cause funding, submit the attached application. Please provide all requested information. Only completed applications will be considered.