Help begins with an assessment.

To begin services, call Porter-Starke Services at 219.531.3500 to speak with an Admissions & Emergency Services Specialist. If you are using your Employee Assistance Program, please tell the Specialist, and give the name of your organization.

The Specialist will lead you through an assessment over the phone (or one can be scheduled), collecting basic information about your concern to determine your best course of treatment. Services may include counseling, psychiatric services, case management, or day treatment. Crisis services through Inpatient Care Center are also available.

Following your assessment, you will be scheduled with a service provider in one of our three locations, determined by your needs and service or provider availability.

  • To ensure proper scheduling, please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment to fill out necessary paperwork.
  • Crisis and referral services are available 24-hours a day at 219.531.3500.
  • Translation services are available for in-person medial appointments and over the phone, including for Spanish speakers and for the deaf.
  • Please call 911 if medical attention is needed, or if the situation is urgent.