Nearly 14 million people in the United States - one in every 13 adults - abuses alcohol or is an alcoholic.

Determining that you or a loved one has a chemical dependency to drugs or alcohol is not an easy task. If life is getting increasingly difficult, it's worth taking a closer look.

Symptoms of Addiction
  • Needing to drink or use drugs before certain situations
  • Justifying the use of the substance, and claiming to be able to stop at any time, but failing at quitting
  • Steadily increasing the amount of alcohol without feeling its effects
  • Forgetting what occurred during or after using alcohol or a drug
  • Using the substance while alone, or hiding evidence of using
  • Apologizing for doing things while under the influence of the substance
  • Avoiding events when the substance is not available
  • Using much more of the substance than others
  • Experiencing more problems (family, work, school, legal, emotional and/or health) caused by drinking/drug use