It is estimated that as many as 4% of gamblers may develop a gambling problem
Problem Gambling Warning Signs
  • Spends a lot of time gambling - may miss work, school, family obligations, or other important events
  • Hides gambling losses - frequently talks about the wins but keeps losses and information about family finances to themselves
  • Gambles to escape - uses gambling to escape from pressures at home or work, gambles out of loneliness or grief
  • Suffers severe mood swings - a person's state of mind depends on whether or not he or she gambling, or the person may become anxious or angry
  • Bets increase in size - bets higher amounts in the hope of breaking even or winning back losses
  • Tries to stop gambling, but can't - a compulsive gambler may try to stop gambling, but in most cases is unable to quit without help


Problem gamblers generally progress through four phases: winning, losing, desperation beause of their losses, and hopelessness about their situation.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, review additional signs of problem gambling behavior.